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7 Ways to Force Google Indexing Articles Instantly

AZASEO  noticed that there was not a specific post that shared all the way to Google Bot Index your posts in the fastest way. Today, AZASEO would like to share  7 ways to force Google to index your articles  right away when you have just submitted (declared on Google).

When Google Index your article, if the article content value, provide a lot of useful information to the user, the TOP keyword potential is extremely high. Let's explore AZASEO all this way!

Perhaps the concept of Submit Google is no stranger to the SEOer anymore. Submit URL means that you are declaring with the search engine that your site has new articles and that it is owned by your site. Submit URLs help your site be indexed on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other search engines.

The way to help Google Bot index article you faster.

1. Declare on Google WebmasterTool

How to declare to Google (Submit URL Google) who do SEO know and most commonly used is the declaration with the Webmaster Tool.

Steps to proceed:

Step 1: Visit  https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url .

Step 2: Copy the URL you need to declare to Google, select Captcha and submit to Google.

Step 3: Check if Google has indexed your articles by checking with the syntax: Site: URL name. With AZASEO's Site :  http://azaseo.com/

(Note: If you want Google to quickly index articles, please  force the Google bot  , please submit three consecutive   Google will index the article immediately. In case you have a lot of article posts need index Then you apply the same approach and  Google  will limit the number of submissions with a fixed email address, your job is to create a series of emails to be available and submit to. You do  seo services  like  AZASEO , if you are a normal business online, just 5-10 mail is quite Oki then.

2. Ping sitemap to Google quickly index posts

Indexing articles using Ping sitemap is also a way to help Google easily and quickly index your posts.

Steps to proceed:

Step 1: Put the URL you need to declare to Google in sitemap.xml.

Step 2: Copy the URL of the Sitemap file. For example:   .

Step 3: Type the address in the browser.  


3. Ping the URL with Pingfarm

Pingfarm is a tool that can help you index a variety of url posts quickly.

Steps to proceed:

Step 1: Write out all the urls to post with Google.

Step 2: Access  http://pingfarm.com .

Step 3: Copy the entire url of the article and proceed to Ping.

4. Put links on websites with high traffic

One of the ways to make Google quickly index your article is to place your website link in the most high-impact and frequent, which will create credibility for your website because it is. understand from those sites. This is a perfect symbiosis because both will be beneficial, when website A interacts highly, users visit often the trust and prestige of the site will improve. Therefore, if you are linked to these sites then your website will be Google look, more interest.

If you work on SEO services like us that link to quality forums like idichvuseo, seomxh is even more precious.

Did you try the AZASEO way? Of course, Google will index your posts dizzily that you can not believe it.

(Note: There are two sides to the problem, remember to link to the same topic, pages with relevant content and a good amount of interaction, if you link to the site. No matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, it will not hurt you.

5. Create a social share button in the post

You know when you share article link on social networking, the coverage of your website trust will increase significantly and that is how to make spider Google pay more attention to your website.

Simply one thing, go where Google Bot also see you. Go to Google Plus see you, on Pinterest see you, fly out to Facebook also see you, ... ..goes obvious Google to pay attention to you more.

Do not forget to create the share button posts on social network offline.

Register the article urls on the search engine  Freewebsubmission

Have you ever used FreeWebSubmission to catch the search engine index for yourself? If you have not used then try to see how the results!

Steps to proceed:

Step 1: You visit  http://www.freewebsubmission.com/

Step 2: In the Free Web Submission section fill in the following fields:

Website URL: fill in the url information needed to index here.

Name: Enter the name.

Email address: Enter the address here.

I have read and agree to the terms: Yes.

Step 3: Click Submit Your Site to declare it to the search engine.

7. Use Ping Pages

  • Twingly.com
  • Pingomatic.com
  • Feedshark.brainbliss.com


  • Mypagerank.net
  • PingMyUrl.com
  • Totalping.com
  • Ping.in
  • Pingler.com
  • GooglePing.com
  • Pingoat.net

With 7 ways to help Google Index Bot posts faster, AZASEO hopes to bring value and help SEOer siblings somewhat. 

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