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all about how to make the right keyword for SEO

Hello, who are researching and learning about Google search engine optimization (SEO - Search Engine Optimization). I have shared quite a few articles about Onpage SEO, SEO niche strategies, Content For SEO and the latest SEO way to top TOP Google quickly and sustainably.

If you have not read through the article  "33 STEP TO SECOND SEO 1 CLOSE TOP GOOGLE QUICKLY THAT WHAT IF MY AI DOES" DO FIND OUT  ! I'm not sure you can be successful IMMEDIATELY from my share, but I dare to promise you if you follow what I share, probably the road to the top of Google will not be far away from you anymore.

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That is enough. Back to the problem today. I'm a little rampant!

You know, to have a successful SEO project, the most important factor is to research, analyze and select the ideal keyword term to help you rank the best keywords and conversion rates. From that keyword is the most optimal.

Today, AZASEO will share with you  the most effective keyword SEO  that you must know to be successful in any SEO project.

1) How does Google work?

We'll talk about how Google works together. Unlike humans, Google is just a smart machine, so Google can not read normal words like humans, Google can not see the colors live on the website, the more can not hear the sound. of me.

The Google Search Engine will work based on algorithms, HTML commands to understand what your content is talking about. This search engine has 3 main parts.

  • First is crawl from the site (Crawl) and we often call it Google BOT, Google Spider, Google search bots, search bots, search spiders, .... This process takes place. Google bot will read each of your content you, page one, explore the links in your website. Google BOT will prioritize new content so you remember to provide regular articles and then immediately report to Google to search spiders to find your web faster and more often.
  • Second, as an indexer, too familiar with you, the process of building databases, keywords, websites, links are taking place in this department.
  • Third, as a Ranking (Information Processing - Calculate - Update Rank), there will be more than 200 criteria for evaluating and ranking your site. Google will review each criterion one for the article and will rank well according to the total score you achieve.

Now you know how Google works, update information and evaluate the website and rank it. We go through the next issue.

2) What are keywords

What are keywords? The question is too normal for the SEO people. AZASEO will remind you not stick or learn more accurate information about keywords.

Keywords in SEO are a query that users perform on Google when they search for a product, service, or information that they need.

For example: When you have the need to push keywords to TOP of Google, you think right away will hire a reputable SEO services that can help you TOP RANKING keywords best. Then, you will go to Google and query with keywords:

Reliable SEO Services

Professional SEO Services

Quality SEO Services

This is the keyword for searchers, who have demand for a product, service, information that.

As for SEOer, the keyword is what they are ranking and want it TOP Google.

3) Types and types of keywords

The question is how many types of keywords and the same is the question for the keyword type. Simply put,  AZASEO  will answer all your questions.

Keywords consist of three main categories: brand keywords, keyword information, and keyword conversion behavior. But based on these three main types, there are several types:

  • Brand Keywords: These are keywords about your company's brand. Example:  AZASEO , AZASI, AZAWEB, AZABOOK, NDCORP
  • Info Keywords: These are the keywords to find out what information a customer needs: For example: How to choose the most reputable and quality SEO service?
  • Q & A Keywords: These are keywords in the form of queries to find the answers that match the status of the most engaged customers. For example: TOP SEO services the most reputable website?
  • Product Keywords (Product Keywords): are the keywords learn information about the products of the company, such as: phone iphone 7s
  • Service Keywords (Service Keywords): are the keywords find out information about the services of the company, such as business: iphone world mobile
  • Wrong Keywords: Wrong keywords, spelled out by the user. For example: mark
  • Main Keywords: is the main keyword, the keyword should push TOP
    • Sum Keywords: is the main keyword plus one property. For example: Cheap SEO services.
    • Local Keywords: is the primary keyword added locally. Example: SEO Ho Chi Minh.

If we split the keyword type, we will have two types of keywords: longkey (longtail) and short (fat head).

Long keywords are short-term strategic keywords, many characters, low competition, high search volume, high cost, low SEO, easy TOP and high conversion rates.

Short keywords are low character keywords, high competition, long-term strategic, high cost, long TOP time.

One argument is that between long and short keywords, the keywords that have the highest conversion rates are quality and the best. Top SEO company MOZ has shown that the long keywords (longkey - longtail) are keywords that have the best conversion rates.

Specifically, "nike running shoes" has an average yield of 36%. These are the basics you can trust in long keywords. Focus on it, grow and occupy every corner.

You can read the article on my niche SEO strategy from 2015.

4) The Importance of Keyword Research SEO

Again, the key to success for that project is the research and analysis of keywords in SEO. Even if you have good content writing skills, you have good quality backlinks and traffic, but the potential customers do not catch you are wasting your time, money and effort. mine.

Understand the product, understand the user in the field and the product or service you. Focus on customer insight, from which to put out the most ideal setkey, put all in to SEO it up. You will succeed!

5) Keyword conversion rate

You should also know how long the keyword is for maximum performance. According to statistics from MOZ, you can easily see keywords from 5-10 words that are keywords with the highest conversion rates.

Go through the process of keyword research that AZASEO summed up to you.

6) The most effective keyword research process

The first step: Self-learn about products, SEO services. You can ask your friends, who are good at it.

Think about the keyword for SEO: List all the keywords that you think will be the strength of the product or service. Similarly, you should also take note of all keyword ideas when asking a friend or an expert in a product or service for help.

Step 2: Research competitors in the field, find keywords that competitors are doing SEO and rely on which strategy to do.

The way to research the keyword of your opponent is to go to Google Search with keywords you need to do. Then see the 5 best positions. Press CTR + U to view the source view. Then hit CTR + F and search for keywords as keyword to see what keywords they are SEO.

To find out more you can go to Ahref for further study. Go to the Anchort section to see how they build. Keyword Organic? To get those data developed, plan your SEO keywords.

B3: Use the support tools to study the traffic, potential and challenges of each Keywords.

+ Google Keyword Planner

You get the keyword from your idea, then put on Google Keyword Planner to research and choose keywords to do SEO.


+ Google Keyword IO

Once you've got the main keyword, then you go to Google Keyword IO to find all related keywords again.


+ Ubersuggest

Similar to Google Keywords Ubersuggest also has similar features.

+ Google Trends

Keyword research on Google Trend is extremely effective, you will grasp the trend of what users are looking for, search for what keywords in the field.


+ Overture Keyword Selector

+ Keyword Analyzer

+ Google Suggestion

+ Google Insight Search

B4: Synthesize all the keywords found to form a group of Keywords. Generate keyword map. Then build the next SEO plan.

Once you have the entire keyword to do SEO. Build a keyword map, each keyword will match the URL. Level 1 keywords are word, level 2 and level 3. Here you will have a complete SEO plan.

You can refer to more articles - Which Onpage Elements Need To Be Optimized In This Article!

It has:  5351 view  -  71 cmt  -  9 like

7) Keyword selection formula, simple and effective

With the KBATL formula you can easily find the keyword, where K, B, A, L, T are:

Keyword - Key words for products / services that need SEO.

Brand - Brand products / services.

Adjective - Nature

Target Audience

Local - Location

For example:

Keyword: phone

Brand: Samsung, iphone, sky, ...

Adjective: premium, genuine, cheap, best, durable, class, ...

Target Audience: for men, for ladies, for gentlemen, for ladies, ...

Local: HCM, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hanoi, District 1, District 3, District 5

=>  You will have a series of keywords like "phone iphone genuine male district 1", "cheap samsung phones for female hcm" ... and countless other queries.

Here you seem to grasp the way to create keywords right?

Now let's move on to evaluating the difficulty of the keyword.

8) Assess the difficulty of the keyword

Based on the actions of each query (active or passive queries)

Intent to purchase includes the words: purchase, sale, evaluation, promotion, ...). These are customer inquiries that are very desperate to buy because its hardness is high.

In the buying decision phase: top 10, cheap, best, quality, prestige, ... the key of these queries do not need

Passive query: how do I, how to, instructions, .... what is, self study, i want, i need, how to do

+ Based on google Keyword Planner

Get Google Keyword Planner to see how competitive the keyword and search volume will know the keyword keyword.

Research Keyword Rivaling Are SEO

Search keywords and see TOP 5 strong opponents like? From there, select a keyword wisely.

AZASEO has shared with you  how to choose keywords SEO  as well as keyword selection guide What SEO before and after. Hope these shares will be of value to you.

If you have any questions about the  SEO services  of AZASEO please see more  HERE !!!

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