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Applying SEO Staff

AZASEO is an SEO system established by Nguyen Dinh Communication Joint Stock Company, abbreviated as  NDCORP .

We handle hundreds of small and large SEO projects for every business nationwide and every industry, bringing SEO efficiency to the high rank of GOOGLE. Not only that, we are always aiming to understand the effect of SEO, bringing endless source of customers from the Google search engine.

Come to Azaseo you will become part of AZASEO and experience hundreds of large and small projects that fit your needs.

Current Azaseo is providing SEO services to TOP customers, more in  this .

We want to find:

  1. Are you a Newbie?

    - Join Azaseo to be dedicated to the professional SEO team. Practice real projects to get a deeper understanding of Online Marketing, shape your SEO style and your own SEO path. 
    - Join immediately you will be supported practice and the basic salary from:  2tr500 to 4tr  (Depending on capacity and no additional training fees)
  2. Are you a powerful SEOer?

    - Join the growing Azaseo system is to participate in a vibrant seo market with all the challenging for you, with a large customer base, bring you high income from the award after each of Azaseo's projects. From there you have the opportunity to become an SEO LEADER to take on a team for their own and develop their own team. 
    - Join SEOer with basic salary from  5tr to 8tr  (depending on capacity) 
  3. Are you a SEO Leader?

    - You do not need to go far to find a development environment and a place for yourself if you have real power. Come to AZASEO all are English - Em. We create the most favorable conditions for a true Leader can bring into full play their leadership ability. 
    - Meet us and let us hear your wishes, commit to a basic salary of  8tr - 15tr  (or more than the project bonus + commission).

General Job Description:

✎ Quotations for SEO projects, planned to push TOP keywords under quotes. 
✎ Manage team, assign work to other personnel. 
✎ Report daily, weekly report as scheduled. 
✎ Analyze keywords, competitors to get the rational turns.

General requirements for:

❤ Knowledge of website, SEO, content, understanding marketing online. 
❤ There are tools to support SEO, traffic, social accounts, ahref ... to test is an advantage. 
❤ Have been involved in large and small projects with good results. 
❤ Harmonious, diligent, willing to learn and share experiences.


Basic salary depends on location (or more depending on capacity). 
✔ Ability to self-quote and submit SEO plans for good projects will be considered for extra pay. 
✔ Bonus according to each good SEO project. 
✔ The ability to manage teams and allocate work to others is a plus. 
✔ Monthly bonus for you to relieve stress. 
✔ Full insurance, social welfare according to state regulations. 
✔ Schedule - Team Building 1 year - 1 time. 
✔ Salary based on contributions and after each project (regardless of time). 
✔ Be trained by AZASEO to add SEO knowledge to become a part of AZASEO.

Please send CV, cover letter by email:  azaseo.com@gmail.com - truyenthongndcorp@gmail.com

with subject email: Letter of application for SEO / SEO leader / SEO practice - Full name

Please contact the Azaseo Founder directly:

Mr.Bình:   0979 257 368

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