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[GETTING STARTED] How to find super quality backlink for poor



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Recently a topic is pretty many SEOs sisters are interested that is Backlink? And the question is: "How to get quality backlinks when I do not have too many MONEY".

If you find Baclink quality that money is too easy then. You can use the money to build a new satellite, or buy the old domain PBN can also buy links in websites with high interactivity.

Today, we will continue to share with you an article that will evoke many ideas and thoughts for you. The article is called  HOW TO FIND HIGH QUALITY BACKLINK FOR HOUSEHOLDERS " .

Let's go into the article together! Let's Start!

Table of Contents

1) Find a forum that is highly relevant to your industry, product, and service

2) Comment on the Forum with the same topic and TOPIC with industry, SP, service

3) Put a link in the profile, contact and signature

4) Get quality link from Social Media Profile

5) Build links from the Social Media Post

6) Get link in Blog Comment is effective?

1) Find forums that are highly relevant to your products and services.

In previous writings Huan repeated many times over a very important factor in 2017 that is "RELEVANT". If you keep the "RELEASE" criteria and the "POWER SITE" index, then you are advised to find sites that have "HIGHLIGHTS" rather than Power Site stats. If a site or forum that has just "RELEASED" and high "POWER SITE" is too great. Do not hesitate! Get back soon!

Find the forum that has the same topic about your product or service. Take Case Study of AZASEO to clarify this issue. AZASEO is an SEO service, we must build links that are relevant to SEO, SEM or website design, Content or more about Online Marketing. AZASEO will look for the big and famous SEO Forum in the Vietnam market to build links such as:







And many forums have the same theme so we can build links.

Create a link in the relevant forum

SEO services is a popular field. Siblings can know many forums, but if other fields or other services, how to find? AZASEO will help you with this problem. It is not difficult.

Please go to Google.com and use the operators from Google to find the forums you need to build links related to your topic.

Please query with the following syntax:

Forum: SEO

Forum: SEO

Then the results will return to you as the SEO related forum and your task is simply to open an Excel file and SAVE it again!

Find backlink substance
Find forums related to products and services 

Hold on to this divine syntax:

Forum: Your field (or keywords) or forum: Your field (or keywords to find).

For example:

Forum: Fashion

With this syntax Huan will find a lot of forums related closely to the product service is fashion.

Syntax Search Forum 

Or you can also search for syntax:

Forum: children's clothes

You have a bunch of related forums already. Is not it great?

Everything seems so Oki. You've got enough resources for yourself. But if you are a more thorough person, you want to be more optimistic then do the following.

After you have a Forum list on the same subject, you continue to check the index of DR, UR, TF, CF, DA, PA, Domain Age, Ref Domain, ... filter by the criteria from high to low. And select the high-relevance Forum and high site index that build links to you.

The Power Site criteria is as follows:

35 <DA <40

PA> = 20

UR> = 20

40 <DR <60

TF> = 10

CF (the lower the TF, the better).

Domain Age (as long as possible).

Time Index (as fast as possible).

Choosing sites or forums with more than 35 projects is extremely good so that you can build links to your website. TF is the quality index of the link to the website, the higher the quality index. Here, I usually choose TF is equal or greater than 10 is too good already. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that if the ratio between TF and CF is the same, then the better the ratio between TF and CF, the better. Also, you should try Referring IPs and Referring Domain to see if the rate is equal to 1 or not. If the ratio is 1 it's a great number.

Based on the DR select sites substance

You can use Moz to test DA and PA. Use Ahref to know DR and UR. Use Majectic for TF and CF and use SEOQuake to find the domain age.

Domain Age as long as possible and the quality of your sister.

Referring to the new Time Index, it is very special as well as a very important factor when you build links. There is a problem especially when you build links that are not Google indexes, what do you index? Oh! Not only you but you are also very headache, so if any site or forum has a fast Time Index, keep it for yourself. Do not share! Do you only know yourself! Ahuhu!

<< You do SEO who need Traffic to help your keyword TOP TOP Google quickly. If you spend money running Google Adw ads, there is nothing to say. Is there any way to get traffic without wasting money? The answer is yes. The answer is that you should immediately see the article  How to Make your Facebook Traffic Fanpage Clean "  .

2) Comment on the Forum on the same topic related products and services

Huan is very interested in this, you go to the Forum with the topic with you, in the post Which is the best interaction, then respond to the most enthusiastic and sincere then try to insert You can not post new topics in this forum.

Do you think your link quality? 100% is the quality of you, when the post is highly interactive of course you will enjoy the power from that post on your post. This increases the trust from the link. This makes you poor quality link extremely easy.

Will you ask me like this? "How can I find posts with the same theme that are interacting well?" Kinda easy! Go to Google.com and do the same structure you find Forum. Then move the mouse from top to bottom of page 1 and continue to page 5.

Certainly if you search with long keywords have people search you will find the Forum is highly interactive. Click on the comment to get hot link to you.

Please comment on relevant TOPICs

Success will wait for you! The next morning, open your eyes and look! Keywords from NOT IN 100 fly straight to TOP 10. Oh my god! You can go. Oh yes.

<< In the process of doing SEO stitching keyword selection to push SEO is extremely important. If you analyze and research good keywords then doing SEO will become much easier. Please refer to AZASEO's article  Choosing the Best SEO Keyword "  . It will help you !!!

3) Put the link in the signature, profile? You think it's over? You are wrong?

This is the traditional way of SEO but Hear reminder to you, it is extremely useful for you if the Forum is highly related to your products and services offline. Try to insert the link in the signature, the profile and that will be extremely quality links that greatly impact your results on Google.

When placing the link from the link signature or link Profile you should use the home page link to power your site. When the site has the power to make the pages in your site lift up the value and from there power Site index will be improved.

Make a link to the signature

And when you link you should think a little. Never anchor the correct anchor text, the more focused Anchor text you can more easily Over and make Google think you scraped out. Try to build the most appropriate, scientific anchor system.

You can refer to how to build the anchor of the tutorial for AZASEO below.

Anchor on brand from> 50%. For example, I do SEO services, my company is AZASEO then I let the anchor is AZASEO, AZASEO company, AZASEO SEO company, ...

Anchor is a 30-40% ceiling link is reasonable. For example azaseo.com, http://azaseo.com, www.azaseo.com, ....

+ Anchor are generic words 5-10% like: CLICK VIEW, HERE, ...

Anchor is the correct keyword <5% is too Great, my is: seo services

Anchor keywords are 1 to 10% Longkey such as: seo services, seo services, ...

Think about it a little, after you evaluate the market and have an SEO plan, then build your backlink plan.

If that project you think 50 quality related forums will TOP will follow the criteria you give then take 50 to calculate. For example:

50 forums - Comply with the anchor text rate of 100%

With the ratio as Huan shared:

50% (anchor text brand) - 25 forum - 25 link to website with anchor is your brand name.

30% (anchor text is bare link) - 15 forum - 15 link to website with anchor is your domain name.

10% (anchor text is general link) - 5 forums - 5 link to website with anchor is name like HERE, CLICK, ...

6% (anchor text is link long key) - 3 forums - 3 link to website with anchor is your long name.

4% (anchor text accuracy) - 2 forum -2 link leads to website with anchor is the exact keyword name.

Focus on brand anchor

Take note of the anchor text rate as it will determine success in your SEO project. Say no to Anchor Density is one of three different factors in 2017 and decided to succeed for any project.

«Are you knowledgeable about market analysis as well as competitors in SEO? People often say, "Know who knows me, hundred wins and loses" you do not have to be perfect with the score of 10. You just have to overcome the opponent a little you will win. You only need 6 points to pass. Watch  Market Analysis, Competitors and Strategic SEO Options 2017 "  for market analysis and competitor analysis now!

4) Get quality link from Social Media Profile

Have you got links from social media systems? If not, then you quickly build links from here to pull your domain or SEO link offline. The trust of social sites is that we all know that. Create your social account and link back!

The major sites that Huan often do to build links are:

Facebook Fanpage


About me


Google Plus




«Have you grasped the SEO trend in 2017 yet? Do you know the factors that affect your website's ranking on Google? If not, then the article " HIGHLIGHTS - 12 Great Factors to the 2017 Site " will help you.

Get link from social profile

And a lot of other great sites. There are currently over 200 pages on social media. You can see below.



















































5) Build links from the Social Media Post

The fifth way to find the backlink is to write articles in the Post on the big social so that you can build quality links.

Backlink built with Linkedin

With more than 200 social networks, choose which pages have the highest DR and UR and the Ahref Rank is the lowest. You should also check that when you post a post already. Please copy that post into Ahref see if the DR and UR index appears or not? If the page does not appear, then the power from the link is not good and not very effective. You may not use that social network to link back.

<< There are 7 ways to catch Google BOT right Index article by yourself. You see more to grasp it nhé! 7 Ways To Force Google Indexes To Immediately ".

6) Get link in Blog Comment is effective?

The next question is whether Blog Comment is the ideal choice. When the topic of your blog Comment is the same topic with your website then do not worry anymore fast link building is up.

Get the link from Blog Comment

Choose foreign and Vietnamese blogs to add more links for your website.

«You are an Online Business and need to find a reputable SEO agency that will help you get your search results on Google. Do not hesitate anymore but do not pick up the phone and call the  AZASEO SEO service to get the most useful keyword acquisition strategy.

Here are six ways to build Backlink quality for our siblings do not have too much money to buy old domain name or build new satellite website. The above is what Huan has experienced and found the results are very positive. So you can refer and apply for yourself nhé!

If you are interested in any of AZASEO's posts, please check out our other articles at:  http://azaseo.com/blog.html  New posts will be included here!

The AZASEO article is sent to all SEOer seniors who are learning, are doing, are doing research on SEO. Wish you happy and successful!

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