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How to SEO keywords to TOP Google as soon as Submit

Hello all of you. If you are reading this article, you must be very curious about SEO and want to discover about SEO right? If you are a Newbie on SEO then you can look through this article for you to understand what SEO is?

Learn more about what SEO is  HERE !!!!

The question that you are doing SEO as well as the online business is not technically skilled is: "Is there a  way to SEO keyword TOP TOP Google  ?" Instead of waiting an average of 3- For 6 months, the new TOP keyword is. Is there a tutorial or a series on SEO  that guides SEO keywords to TOP 1 fastest  ? What kind of questions are on TOP fast, do not need too much time.

To be honest, there is always a way for every problem and SEO, so there are ways to push the keyword to TOP faster and keep TOP more sustainable and AZASEO will reveal to you.

1) Choosing a domain name in SEO is a very important job.

Make it clear from the beginning. You want to make your website brand or SEO to push TOP your products and services (here AZASEO calls it site blog).

Once you have determined the details, then embark on the next step.

1.1) Select domain name as Brand.

Oki! The most important thing is done, you target the Brand choose the best domain name and most memorable you.

For example: AZASEO works on SEO services and we choose the domain name for our website is AZASEO (AZASEO means a website SEO service from AZ). Now go ahead and select the tail for your domain. Now you have to choose the domain name as to how to support SEO faster.

We are sure someone will say that you should choose dot com (.com), dot dot (.vn), dot com (.com.vn) ... and many other comments. . It is true but not really wise for you. To We will show you how to choose this domain full of wisdom.

We take another example that you can understand as follows. We Are Doing SEO Services And Of course We Want Ranking From SEO Services To TOP Google. AZASEO must have a tail then delicious.

Go to Google, search the main keyword, the keyword you choose will rank itself (this keyword must ensure the highest search volume). Please go down lightly from the TOP 1 to TOP 10, next to the next page. 2. Statistics of the top 20 websites are how many guys have dot com (.com), how many dots dot (.vn), ... .. the same for the remaining tails. Then choose the TOP that stands TOP. And that is why we chose AZASEO as  http://azaseo.com/ . Now you know.

1.2) Select domain name to push TOP products or services.

For, when you choose domain name as SEO with the intention to make Brand should choose domain name is short, easy to read, easy to understand meaning, ... for users to remember longer when choosing domain name for the purpose TOP is the main push We recommend you study carefully, this carefully.

Think about what keywords are the strongest point of your product, keywords that only you, which keywords have the most reasonable search results. Please note it and choose a keyword as the domain name for your website.

You may already know. Domain names that need to do SEO will get a plus from Google and your ranking of that keyword TOP will be supported much faster.

Let us take another example to show you the power that we often call it "relative keys in domain". Back to our website, this site is about the TVC commercial. The brand name of the company We are NDCORP.VN and its satellite is http://congtysanxuatphimquangcao.com/  . Do you have any research? We are choosing a domain that contains very long keywords but is very easy to remember and importantly it has search volume oki.

Talking with hints of Certified. Take a look. If we could push the TOP keyword from the movie company, then the related keywords would also push TOP faster. Look at the average monthly searches of those keywords. We only have 3590 unique search terms per month. Currently, we are also TOP these keywords.

Once you have chosen the domain name then we begin the next extremely important step that is researching and choosing keywords to push SEO.

2) Conduct keyword research and analysis to Rank TOP faster.

We conduct keyword research needs to do SEO stand at the optimal SEO technique is optimized for users. You should not overuse the technique in SEO and expect the keyword to TOP quickly and sell immediately. Put the keyword TOP but always remember to bring value to the user nhé you.

We will guide you how to research keywords standing in the optimum SEO technique.

The first step of this is to list all the subjective keywords that you think are unique keywords, the seed keywords for your products and services. Note it in File Notepad. Then copy those keywords into Google Keyword Planner. Choose keywords with high search volume and less competition. Once you have found the seed keywords then research the subkeys of these main keywords. The longkey, the key related characteristics (price, good, quality, prestige, ...) and the local key as (hcm, tphcm, hinh minh, hn, han, ....)

Let's take another example for you to imagine: Our main keyword need ranking is "seo services", seo service is the keyword has 4,400 searches / month.

From this key we will analyze the keywords related to the keyword is the seo service. The series of keywords we build:

Seo services

Seo services hcm

Seo service tphcm

Ho Chi Minh company

Seo company hcm

The company sephon tphcm

Expert seo Ho Chi Minh

Expert seo hcm

Expert seo tphcm

Then, based on this second level keyword, we continue to analyze each other. We take the seo hcm service as a group for example. The seo hcm service team will have:

Cheap hcm seo service

Professional seo services

Quality seo services

Highly respected seo services

Seo services hcm top 1

Seo services hcm top 3

Seo services hcm top 5

Seo service hcm top 10

Seo services hcm top google

Sustainable seo services

Continue branching out your primary keyword into each level.

This is the main keyword separator. You should also build a set of key support key you and here We are using the key to get traffic as:

Keyword seo

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How to seo keywords to the top

how to seo keyword efficiency

The most effective way of seo keywords

The fastest way to seo keywords

How to seo keywords without accents

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How to put keywords in the top 10 google

How to put keywords on the top

How to put a keyword on the top 1 google

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Quickest seo keywords guide to the top 1

seo keyword guide to top google

google keyword seo tutorial

Effective seo keyword guidelines

how to seo 1 keyword to google top

1 way seo keywords

how to seo a keyword

How many seo keywords

Now you know how to build an ideal keyword, right? Not stop there. This is just a way to build keywords based on the Google search engine only. We will continue to share with you how to build keyword-based users. That is:

You go to wikipedia search 1 keyword about your product is doing. Then the results will return. There will be a lot of information for you. Your job is to rely on that building your key set. You can also go to Yahoo Q & A to find the questions that customers need and stick to that build the best keyword set.

Here you have a group of keywords best seeds to do SEO. Move on to the next step!

3) Build quality content for your website, directed to the user but do not forget to optimize the search engine.

Building a quality content is something you need to do. Focus on the user. Make great value to them and they will bring in profits for you.

So where to find the content now. The content you need to provide is from the wikipedia questions that people are most interested in your products and services, the keywords they query when asking questions. Content in the Yahoo Answers section, when someone needs, of course by default they must always ask questions. Another great way to build content is to go to large sites that sell the same products and services that you are selling.

For example, if you are selling iphone and samsung, then you should go to mobile world, nguyen kim, .... those big pages, in the FAQ section, see what is the most common customer information and write a message. To answer those questions, please.

Focus on the user but also the way to forget about optimizing your website content. Your content should be clear, coherent, correct style, not misspelled. Use indentation, indentation to make your content more attractive to users.

Do not just write and write, so the customer will be very depressed because no one likes to read unless the article is quality and valuable for them. You should use a lot of images, videos and infographic to enrich the content in the article, as well as avoid boring users. A well-designed image will attract more interested customers, a better video will retain users for longer. A useful infographic will allow users to share their personal wall on facebook.

Remember the content you provide must be unique and unique, absolutely NOT COPYed by others. Google will look at you and will put you in control, then it's dangerous for you.

4) Optimize your Onpage website in the best possible way.

Perhaps the Onpage elements you have already grasped. We just enlisted only. If you have factors that you have not optimized, then quickly optimize.

·       URL: use a short URL and contain your keyword pushing TOP (best 30-60 characters)

·       Title: Choose a title that contains keywords and the ability to sense (emotion) it will make the reader forced to Click.

·       Meta Description: The description should be 150 characters and generalized. Write to the user Click.

·       Meta Keyword (keyword): Keywords should be accented and not accented

·       Heading: There should be 1H1, 3-5 H2 and 7-9H3 in a post and if the number of words can be added more H4, H5, H6.

·       Images: Must contain an ALT tag, size 640-360px is the most optimal. The image is not blurry, sticky wantermark of the opponent.

·       In addition, the enhanced card you need to note is that card Schema, AMP, ... Definitely not forget the tool Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool, also have to remember to install the File Sitemaps.XML and the robots.txt file, ... ..

5) Build the best and most reliable Backlink system.

Many say that Backlink is no longer valid. We assert that they are cutting and slicing right. Backlink is extremely important and always plays a key role in putting a keyword on TOP.

Backlink has to come from quality satellite websites with high TF, high DA, PA, and domain age, especially links coming from the same topic, same topic and domain. is particularly strong.

You can use the forum to build backlink but rely on the forum has the best index. Do not shoot blameless links that will kill your website very quickly.

6) Develop a Google-covered Social Media Strategy.

Build lots of social networking profiles. These social networking sites have very high PA, DA, link will be very serious for your website.

Let's list some social media sites that you can get link:




















7. Build a strategy to pull traffic.

In the article you should have a message pulling traffic. This article is completely new and does not include any of the keywords.

We tip you a little trick is to find a long keyword is really long but must have a moderate search  term from this long SEO keywords. It is extremely easy to SEO and extremely easy to TOP because few people do it. Make about 10 of these long keywords that you already have a good amount of traffic already.

Repeat this procedure for better performance.

Be patient and you will reap the sweetness!

Good luck! Thank you for reading this article from us.

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