SEO keywords up TOP is what almost SEOer, any business would like. But not everyone can do that, because this is a "game" you just have to obey the rules of the organizers (Google search engine), just have to win the competition. But with the good 5 steps you will become the winner, of course the TOP TOP site is too simple.

Step 1: Analyze your keyword seo plan properly

This step is quite important, and is the foundation for the most effective and cost effective SEO work. At this step requires SEOer to be able to analyze market research, look at the competitiveness of keywords, popularity ... There are two ways to choose keywords to SEO:

Choose keywords based on competitiveness

This is a very smart way to help users find your website easier. There are two types of keywords are short and long keywords. You should choose the long key from 4 to 7 words. For example, you should choose the keyword "write quality SEO standards" or "get standard SEO writing" instead of 1 to 3 word words like "SEO writing". The reason we need to do so is that the keywords 4 to 7 words are less competitive but the conversion rate is very high because the focus is what the user is looking for.

Keyword choice is local

This is quite effective when you only do business in some specific locations. You should select the local keywords in the back to increase the ability to TOP quickly and superior to the opponent. One example is "total seo services in HCMC".

Step 2: Build quality content from selected keywords

Make sure you have prepared well the content for each keyword you are about to SEO. Remember that the content should be really quality and unique, because this is what Google likes to help your website TOP without backlink. 3 factors to get a quality article that effectively helps the website to TOP the simplest.

  • The number of words of an article at least 400 to 600 words, special content must be clearly attractive and unique
  • 1 to 2 images will make the article more vivid
  • Not 100% unique, this is the most important element of a quality content

Step 3: Optimize the on-page element for the main website

Once you have researched the keyword and owns the quality content and started building that article, the new On - Page optimization is the way SEO Keyword to Google TOP is effective.

The first is the title tag optimization. Title or title should only contain 30 to 60 characters, especially when the keyword priority in the head will help to standard content SEO.

The next factor we need to optimize is the URL path, to ensure that Google and its users are free to recognize the URL without the hyphen, the words separated by hyphens (-).

For example:  http://azaseo.com/dich-vu-seo-tu-khoa-uy-tin-gia-re-tphcm

As seen in the above URL is completely without accents and especially contains keywords to do better SEO.

Especially your website must not contain malicious code to google that users have good access.

Step 4: Build quality backlink

Backlink or textlink will help you gain a lot of traffic to help the website become more reputable and TOP faster.In addition to keyword seo on top of Google with content, this is also a great auxiliary element for the job. SEO.

Build backlinks on websites with relevant content to avoid spam or traffic that does not have a conversion rate.

Note that backlinks should not be built from malicious sites that prevent your site from being penalized by Google.

Step 5: Continue to create content and wait

After completing the 4 steps above you have completed 90% now let's forget the keywords that build content and user-friendly experience. Keep up to date with quality articles that bring you lasting success in the rankings you have achieved.

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