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Secrets of seo analytics help website to top google

The old people still have the sentence "know who knows me, hundred battle wins." So analyzing your SEO rivals is one of the most important steps that will influence your SEO success. It contributes greatly to the success of an SEO campaign that you need to master. Then analyze your opponent like? The following post will help you get more information on this issue.

Why should an SEO rival be analyzed?

The analysis of SEO rivals will help you learn from your competitors. They have to do something right if they are more successful than you. The opposite when the opponent does not succeed will help you pick up mistakes and remind yourself not repeat those mistakes.


The analysis of SEO rivals also helps you to better your competitors to increase traffic, attract customers and become richer than your competitors.

Analysis of SEO rivals how?

Before implementing SEO rivals analysis, you should evaluate what you are, where are weaknesses and strengths. So you can evaluate your competitors.

The steps to analyze SEO competitors that you need to do is:

Step 1: Evaluate your website and strategy

Before you know your opponent, you need to review the factors such as:

- Backlink: Check the number of backlinks you currently have, possibly all the backlink forums are beneficial to the site, however, there may also be some harmful backlink that you need removed and this is Work needs to be done regularly.

- Keywords: Make sure you have a complete and rich set of keywords related to the field in which you perform SEO. Keywords can be keywords with accents, without accents. Choose the keywords that find the customer's attention.

- Social activities: The current trend of SEO is the use of social media and communication. So build one for your website on each page prominent social as Facebook, Google + ...

Step 2: Choose a competitor

Competitors are the ones who target the same audience and pursue similar business goals with you. Be careful not to choose a battle with unmatched opponents as this will waste your time and energy.

The easiest way to choose a competitor is to evaluate your target keyword in the Google search bar and select whoever appears on the first page. This is the most optimized and quite simple. This is only the first step.

Step 3: Analyze the competitor's website

Once you have found your competitors, you need to take time to analyze your website.This analysis will help you evaluate how your competitors get good rankings on search engines. Observe and analyze the prominent parts of your website such as:

- Design

- Title page

- title article

- Content

- Internal links

- Call to action ...

Once you have analyzed and observed the above factors, you need to list the factors that your opponent has done well and have not done well to be able to learn the elements they did well and overcome the factors they It is possible to overcome the opponent.

Step 4: Analyze the keywords of the competition

It is likely that your competitors are also promoting keywords similar to your keywords. And they must be superior to rankings, so how do your keyword sets not overlap with their keywords that make you unfavorable? One thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to beat your opponents with high-level keywords in the beginning. At this point you can only type in neglected keywords and niche keywords that the player has not developed yet.


The problem now is how to know what keyword the opponent is missing and listed to avoid in advance. There are quite a few tools available to help you analyze which of your competitors are missing out on keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Build yourself a set of keywords and sort by competition from low to high. When you have finished evaluating the keywords left out of the niche at this time your website has a steady Trafic now you will hit on keywords with increased competition.

Step 5: Track your competitors' Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors determining the ranking of a website in search engines. Tracking your competitor's backlink profile and backlink profile is how you can increase your growth track. Try to get links to web sites that link to the competitor's website if possible and websites with reputable domains that are not yet linked. Try to build a quality backlink system.

Step 6: Evaluate your competitors' performance on social networking channels

Do not ignore the activity on the social networking site of the opponent as this is one of the important good people. You may not be able to predict the appeal of content for your site, but let your competitor's pages on social media probably provide you with some great ideas. .


When evaluating your social media campaign, try to do better than them. Interactive signals from users on social media channels are also collected by search engines, and if your content is well-interactive, then the rankings of your site will increase.

Hope that with the above sharing will help you understand more about SEO rival analysis. Or do not have much time to find out how this can be completed to find the company AZSEO to be our consulting and implementation of the best SEO campaign for your business unit.

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