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SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is a method of search engine optimization, to improve the ranking of a website on the search engine results page.

The following article from Azaseo Company will guide you the fastest and most effective seo keyword.

To increase traffic to your website, you first have to have a search engine friendly website to increase traffic through search keywords and to do so there needs to be a website optimization process, Usually people call the process that is doing SEO.

If you do good SEO, your website will always appear at the top when users visit the search engines to find the information, the content they need. SEO people can have different search strategies for different purposes such as keyword search, video search, image search, regional search, country search and some other SEO.

Most internet users, using daily search engine access, only see and visit the sites that appear on the first page for search results. If your website is not in high rankings then the chances of your visitors visiting your site is very low. That is a huge disadvantage in the branding campaign and introduce your product to the potential customers.

Since 2011, the importance of seo has gradually confirmed in the awareness of enterprises in Vietnam in particular and the world in general. Online business people are increasingly aware of the value of SEO for the sales of businesses, organizations or individuals. What is Keyword Seo? Gradually is solved and seo is no longer unfamiliar to many people.

Currently, there are three most popular and useful search engines in Vietnam:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

What should the search engines keep an eye on your website?

Based on the criteria of the search engines (Google, bing, yahoo ...) that webmasters find their own methods and create different seo keyword plan. SEO can be considered as a secret or a real technique for every manager, website builder or simply a person working in the field of Online Marketing.

Any one of us who owns a website also wants its website to appear on the top 10 on the Google search engine. The next Azaseo company would like to share with you the keyword seo experience has brought very good results.

It is essential before SEO web is thoroughly analyzed keywords and Google's AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the effective tools. Keyword selection to seo according to the experience of those who go before should consider choosing words with high competitiveness, it will be difficult to SEO and safety is not high.

1. SEO Domain Name

In your domain contains keywords also help SEO more favorable. For example: Your company operates air conditioning in Da Nang and the company name is ABC, the name lapdieuhoadanang will be much better than the domain name ABC. (Prefer. .com, .net, .org or .vn, .com.vn).

In order to take advantage of specialized keywords you can also create sub-domains.

2. Fastest SEO keywords right on your website's menu

At most sites there are Home, Referral, Service, Product and Contact pages. Think about how to nest keywords related to your business. in the names of subsections. To be able to do this well, you have to note that each of your website should only do business with some products or services, assuming the land in District 2 on the Menu instead of naming the page as the page. Instead, you can order Thao Dien House.

This Navigator will help visitors to impress the main content of the site, when needed, users will visit the website and immediately remember the address information search. Assuming that when readers access Tuoitre.vn, they often move to some sub-categories such as Market News, local news ... So, these links will quickly be noticed by Google and create. Sitelink. Sitelinks have powerful SEO effect, each keyword in the article indexed into sitelink rank very high.

3. SEO in the article content

The quantity and quality (not copying other content) is one of the criteria of the evaluation of the search engines. Also, in each article must necessarily contain the word hard. But you should note the number of keywords in the article should not be too dense will cause offensive readers and create side effects.

Note: If copy content must leave the backlink to the source, should link to some links with relevant content. When a visitor clicks on a link to another source, it also improves the rankings of the site because it is community-based and more than complies with copyright policy.

4. Incorporate SEO photos and videos along with SEO articles

How do you feel in the midst of an all-text message? The article will be interesting and attract more if there are some pictures, the image also helps SEO advantage, the file name is also the keyword, when inserting pictures into the article should have caption for the image (note like images) and in the code creates the title tag to describe the image to serve the keyword integration. If you have a video to put on youtube then the Title tags, tags and description tags should insert multiple keywords.

For effective keyword seo, take the time to insert the Alt & Title tags for each image after you publish each article. Stick with the Link should insert Title tags.

5. Build more Backlink

There are many ways to create a backlink to your site, such as blogging, posting the forum (forum) the same field, submit the list of .v..v ... the more backlink pointing to your website then The more advanced its ranking.

Note: 3 main principles when building backlink are: quality site link, link relevance, link placement. Do not try to spam by making meaningless links, it's just useless and sometimes it does not work.

6. Generate search engine friendly URLs to help google keyword SEO more profitable

Incorporate keywords into URLs, for example:



Use midline in the URL instead of white space.

7. Build a social network

Developing a strong social network (Facebook, Google Plus (Google +), Zing me, Twitter, ...), the higher the level of interactivity, the higher your website's exposure will be. find your site.

8. Diversify the sources of visitors to your site

If you do good SEO you will have large and stable traffic, but if Google changes the algorithm and your website is no longer in the top anymore? So, make your site more accessible, such as joining social networking sites, creating websites, email marketing, etc. And the most important thing is the quality of the product. Your service will bring loyal and growing customer base.


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