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SEO keywords to top TOP Google

What is SEO Services  ? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The simple definition of SEO is search engine optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing ...). SEO is a collection of methods that help improve the ranking of a website in the search results. SEO is the process of optimizing a website with content articles that are useful to users and search engine friendly to increase traffic. When doing good SEO means that when users use Google to search the content they need, your website will appear in the high rank (TOP).

Currently in Vietnam in particular and the world in general, most Internet users when looking for search are usually only interested in the search results on page 1. So if the customer is looking for a field you are Business that your website is not TOP will be less likely customers to visit your site. This will make it harder for you to reach out and promote your product.

For the last five years, businesses have become more aware of SEO, are aware of the importance of website optimization, as well as tips to attract traffic.

3 Popular tools in Vietnam today are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How to not be search engine "abandoned"?

Based on the criteria of Google rating that AZASEO has confidence in a method,  SEO way TOP TOP Google keyword  is the most simple, this is a real secret for the administrator, the Workers in the field of Digital Marketing.

1. SEO Domain name

Before choosing a domain you need to refer to keyword research in your field of business. Why? Domains contained within keywords will make SEO work simpler and easier. For example, your company is advertising film advertising service and name is NDCORP, the purchase of domain name is congtysanxuatphimquangcao will be more favorable for SEO than the name NDCORP (Note you should prefer to use .com, .net or .vn, .com.vn). This is a very effective keyword SEO experience.

2. SEO Content

Content does not only need quantity but also quality. This is a criticism of Google in particular and the search engines in general. Every article must contain keywords to optimize SEO. But do not overdo it and repeat many times will be counterproductive, more likely to stick to Google's algorithm will further make the reader feel uncomfortable.

Remember to never copy content because Google will underestimate your site, so "TOP fall" is normal. By ensuring that the right content matches your search engine, your content will deliver unexpected results.

3. Combine SEO Content - Image

For Seo job  keywords Google  Content is the most important but to supplement it need to have image to create a user-friendly feel. For SEO you should note the image name is also appropriate keywords, more when inserting the image should be caption annotation for the reader more easily understand the image clever. Especially important when SEO Image is ALT tag you should add keywords to the card to easily TOP.

4. Go Backlink

There are many ways to build backlink to your website such as blog, forum ... And more and more backlink, your website will rank higher. But do not try to spam by building meaningless messages that will sometimes be counterproductive.

Remember the 3 main rules when building backlink: quality site link, location, relevance to content.

5. Own a friendly URL

There are  ways to SEO the keyword to the  fastest Google , but your URL is not friendly, not SEO standards, you are bringing the effort "to dump the sea." You should include the keyword in the URL, and especially between the words that will contain the dash (-) instead of the distance or write immediately. This will help a lot for the SEO process.

Some standard SEO URLs you can refer to:




6. Diversify traffic sources

The variety of traffic revenue will help your website more stable and hold TOP steady. First you should care about Social Marketing, because now the social network has become stronger. The higher your website's popularity, the higher your Google ranking will be.

If the traffic is large and stable, the TOP traffic is very easy to understand, so generate more traffic from social networks, email marketing, or many websites.

With the above methods you definitely have an overview of SEO. To make your website go to TOP quickly without thinking too much, go to AZASEO. Let us earn customers for you. HOTLINE: 0934 186 333 or visit the website:  http://azaseo.com/   for more information. AZASEO is a   professional seo service provider .

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