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Quality SEO Services in Ho Chi Minh City

Image SEO is actually only part of the overall SEO strategy, but focus on the criteria and attributes of the image to support TOP TOP faster.

1. What is SEO image?

SEO image is the way you put the image in your website to TOP Google to attract more visitors to your website through the image thereby increasing the conversion value to increase sales from That increases the profit for your company. SEO image is of particular interest in some food products, furniture when the image determines the rate of purchase of Online customers.

Image SEO is actually only part of the overall SEO strategy, but focus on the criteria and attributes of the image to support TOP TOP faster.

2. Why Should You SEO Images?

The question is why SEO image because only the image, how can increase the number of customers? In response to the above question, the SEO service AZASEO Ho Chi Minh will give the right answer after donating to readers can also be our potential customers in the near future.

dich vu seo hinh anh len google

You must picture right SEO for the major social networks like Pinterest existing image or Instagram can help you increase traffic to your website through those images. Of course, your social bookmarking must be included in your post.

Maybe you do not know the value of links from Pinterest really is a gold mine for you to build links for your website doffolow, this link is extremely value quality, support you push TOP SEO keywords you extremely well.

You probably do not expect that, there are quite a lot of outsiders out there doing SEO by way of SEO website, SEO keywords that they do not focus on SEO images. You think, your opponent does not, and you do, you see the advantage yet?

Google really is the content scanning engine is extremely intelligent, with multimedia content from text, image, video, infographic, the more diverse content transmission Google increasingly appreciated.

If your image is invested carefully, you absolutely have a chance to get one shot link to photos from users and increase traffic to your website is simple hon.Hay you want to manipulate all the Google search results from websites, images, Google maps.

3. Steps to optimize an image on Google

SEO Company HCM AZASEO will share with you how to optimize your image so you can TOP TOP

First, remember to name the unmarked, hyphenated, and containing keywords you do SEO. Google not only scans content as text but also scans content as images. Name your image for better SEO.

Second, optimize the ALT image tag. Absolutely you must not forget this divine card. The ALT tag should be the primary or related keyword and must be the same as the image. The ALT tag helps Google find the source of the page as well as understand what your photo is talking about. Always remember to always have an ALT tag.

Third, reduce the size of the image, but make sure the image is beautiful, clear, and does not blur. The image size should be in the aspect ratio of 720x480px or 640x360px. Reducing the size of the image will help the image load faster.

Fourth, the image should have a tail JPG or PNG will support photo SEO to TOP Google faster.

Fifth, the image must be in the middle of the content of each paragraph in the article. For example, if you write 500 words and divide it into 2 segments, the first paragraph can be 250 words + 1 image, the image is in the middle of the text and the same for paragraph 2. The image around the text contains words The key will make Google better understand what your picture is talking about.

4. When should you choose image SEO services at AZASEO

You have been with us - HCMC SEO services share but you do not have too much time because that time you focus on business then you should find us because:

TOP Google AZASEO SEO Services will help you push TOP images to Google quickly and easily to help you advertise your images to potential customers.

dich vu seo hinh anh azaseo

The image of TOP will of course lead to the visit of your customers to your website will increase, increase the rate of closing SALE, pulling revenue and profit increased.

Image is also a way to help you make the brand really useful if your industry is dealing with food or furniture.

5. Work of SEO Image Services - AZASEO The process of SEO company AZASEO City is as follows:

- Step 1: We will receive information of customers and exchange with customers the keywords to push TOP Google, the keywords are the strength of their products, services.

- Step 2: We move the keyword to TOP to Planner (who specializes in keyword planning and analysis of seo services for AZASEO website). This will use tools to analyze keywords from competition, search volume, number of results, ... with Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, Keyword IO, .... and many other tools.

- Step 3: After analyzing exactly what keywords need SEO for the images, this Planner will move to Contentor (Contentor is a creative division of the article based on the results from the analysis. Division Planner sent over by the AZASEO quality SEO service). The Contentor will provide the content that needs to be provided to the client's website to be able to support the image to TOP.

- Step 4: Contentor will then move down to the SEOer, here you SEOer will build the plan to build offpage for your website from the strategy of link building, social development ... to take shape. photo up

- Step 5: After the planning process is complete, the SEO leader will coordinate the project and run the project.

- Step 6: Report and get feedback from customers, any new strategies will be implemented according to the needs of customers.

6. Benefits From Using Keyword SEO Services - AZASEO

A reputable SEO web company - AZASEO will help you develop your brand. We will build the spider web for you on the Google search toolbar most brightly. You just sit there, we will find customers for you.

Develop a client list file. The best SEO service AZASEO will pull more customers to your website and you just need to pin down the good SALE to increase sales only.

Help you increase sales - Increase profits. The simple thing is that when the number of customers in your website increases, the purchase rate will be higher and sales will increase, profit increase is easy to understand.

We will be your partner. You are not a customer but you are a partner of us. We always listen to you. When you have a question, do not hesitate to share and confide in us at 0934 186 333. AZASEO will always be with you.

Always report results every half a month. We will show you the exact position of the keyword standing, the keyword signal, when to focus on boosting, when to loose.

White hat SEO strategy is worth the money. The pure white hat method with Content Top will keep your business standing firm and durable on the Google search engine.

The contract will always be followed by us, and we will never commit any wrongdoing.

7. The SEO methods provided by AZASEO

There are quite a number of methods of SEO seo services offered - including:

Image SEO Services: Helps your company's image to TOP, quite suitable for some areas of fashion and construction, furniture, ...

SEO Keyword Services: Help your website to TOP the right keywords that your business needs.

Local SEO Services (SEO Google Map - SEO Location): Helps put your business location on TOP Google.

Overall SEO Services: Bring keywords to Google TOP, build spider networks, help your business acquire a niche of the market.

In addition, we also provide other services such as:

Professional website design professional SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City with standard website design within 1 note with http://www.azaweb.net/.

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