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TOP 27 most effective keyword research tool

Notice that there is not yet a comprehensive share of TOP's  comprehensive keyword research tools  , making it easier for SEO people to research and analyze keywords from which to build their own set of keywords. Ideal SEO can easily push TOP and bring about high profits.

Together with AZASEO explore 27 keyword research tools:

1) Based on Google Suggest

When researching keywords you can not forget the automatic keyword suggestion feature based on the user's query.

For example: You are working on "seo services", you need to research and give out the ideal keyword system, rely on Google Suggest, you will easily find the ideal keyword.

Principle: Based on the user's query about the keyword, suggest keywords related to the primary keyword.

How to do it: Just go to Google.com then Search for any keyword and press the Spacebar and view the results returned.

Advantages: Easy to use.

Disadvantages: Limit results returned

2) Based on Google footer

When you query a keyword, at the bottom left of the footer Google returns keywords relevant to your query.

For example, if you search for the keyword "seo company", the result will return:

Principle: Based on the query of the main keyword from which the keywords associated with the main keyword.

How to do: Up Google Search key SEO keywords then drag down the bottom left corner for all related keywords.

Advantages: Easy to use

Cons: Less results

3) Based on the enhanced Google suggestion feature

Just like the Google Suggest feature, the enhanced Google suggestion feature will produce more results.

Example: You search Google as "seo services", the result will be:

Principle: Similar to how Google Suggest works, give keywords related to primary keywords.

Usage: Go to Google and then Search key word, then hit the Spacebar key and then continue to press 10 digit number on the keyboard, then switch to 26 letters alphabet. The result will be returned based on the leading character.

Advantages: Will research more keywords.

Time: It takes time


4) Keywordshitter tool

You can click for more information:  http://keywordshitter.com/

Principle: Similar to the Google Suggest feature, this tool will return results based on the query and show all results at the bottom of the Google left footer, instead of showing the limit when manually searching.

Keywordshitter.com offers searches related to the topic

How to use: You just go to the address above, search keywords you need to do SEO on it and the results will return a lot, you press Stop Job and select the keywords you need to Excel file.

Advantages: Free, easy to use, high speed, give out many results

Cons: Occurring unnecessary keywords, you have to spend time re-filtering.

5) Google Keyword Planner Tool

You are the SEO people, can not ignore the most popular tool today is Google Keyword Planner.

Principle: Show off all the keywords related to the keywords you find.

Usage: Go to  https://adwords.google.com/  sign up account and then in the search box hit search results will return, you download all the ideas about.

Advantages: Know the amount of search, the exact match of the keywords (those that run Google ads see the correct amount of search), fast, easy to use.

Disadvantage: It takes time

6) Google Keyword Tool IO

Along with the Google Keyword Planner tool, Google Keyword IO is a keyword analysis tool used by most users.

Principle: Gives search related to the primary keyword query

Usage: Extremely easy, go to  https://keywordtool.io/  then in the search box enter your key word, then press Enter will appear all the keywords related to primary keyword.

Advantages: Fast, accurate, easy

Cons: Free does not accurately show the number of searches for that keyword in a month.

7) Ubersuggest tool

Principle: Find the correct and complete keyword related to the primary keyword.

Usage: Go to  https://ubersuggest.io/  and search for the primary keyword. Then the result will return in full 26 letters if the result returned.

Pros: Quick search, easy

Cons: Can not see the search volume

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8) Soovle search engine

Principle: Show keywords related to key words and choose the most qualified keywords.

How to use: You go to  http://soovle.com/  and search the main keyword here will show you the keyword quality and the most effective. The results will be returned based on the search engine include: Google, Bing, Youtube, Wikipedia, Answer, Amazon, Yahoo

Advantages: Fast, easy to use

Disadvantages: Limit results returned

9) Keyword research tool SEMRush

Principle: Reach the keywords ranked on the competitor's site.

Usage: Go to:  https://www.semrush.com  then in the keyword search box and for keywords to analyze. Results returned:

Overview (overview): An overview of keywords, competitors, related keywords, ....

Phrase Match (phrase similar): key terms related to the primary keyword will appear.

Related Keywords: Relevant keywords will appear including search volume, cpc, keyword trend, and more.

Using the free version will be very limited.

Advantages: The most complete keyword research tool, easy to find the keywords that your competitors are doing.

Disadvantages: Pro if you want to analyze carefully. The Free version lacks a lot of information fields.

10) KWFinder keyword research tool

Principle: As a new high-end keyword research tool, it has a free version that works well.

Usage: Go to  https://kwfinder.com/  in the search box, then search for keywords, select the location, select the language and click Find Keywords.

Pros: It points out how Google ranked websites for your keywords and how keywords trended since 2004.

Cons: You need to create an account on it.

11) Jaaxy Tools

Principle: Find keywords that relate to key words, including sub-keywords, longtail keywords.

Usage: You must create an account in the keyword search box and wait for the results returned. Return Indexes:

QSR: is the citation of the search results. This shows you the number of pages targeted to the exact keyword you set.

KQI: Represents keyword quality in the form of red, green, or amber light. Red represents the worst quality keyword, and blue is the best quality keyword.

SEO: It resembles a competitor's keyword filter of keyword research tools like Longtail Pro

Pros: Do not rely on Google so you can find new and more potential keywords. Having a brainstorm feature lets you get ideas for new keywords.

Cons: The free version is very limited.

Do not rely heavily on Google, so it can influence the SEO process.

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12) Keyword Revealer Tool

Principle: You can easily brainstorms ideas about keywords when they are stuck in finding keywords under the intent of the buyer.

Usage: You visit  https://www.keywordrevealer.com  then on Keywords Search, in the blank box enter the keyword. Then select, Local Search and Language. You can also go to Keywords Brainstorms to find ideas.

Advantages: Keywords that are difficult to predict are useful for deciding whether or not to target other keywords.

Gain average cost per keyword and estimate the profit you earn.

Also indicate when the EDM domain is ready for each keyword.

Cons: The number of keywords returned for each keyword is less than long tail Pro and GKP

13) Keyword Eye Tool

Principle: Filter keywords based on language, country like any other advanced tool. It is also set up to calculate or research on specific and potential keywords.

Usage: You need at your account and then do a search. It is now compulsory to purchase Pro account.

Advantages: It returns data is a visual chart, study synonyms that they automatically suggest without leaving the website.

Disadvantages: have to buy account.

14) Ahref tool

Principle: Check the overview and analysis of keywords accurately, the keywords related to the main keyword.

Usage: You go to  https://ahrefs.com/  in the Keyword Explorer search keyword to analyze. The results will return all keyword information from the search volume, potential traffic, ranking of the website related to the keyword.

Pros: Check all the information about the keyword.

Disadvantages: Must use new paid version with full data.

15) Google Trend Keyword Research Tool

Principle: Find the most used trending keywords.

Usage:  https://trends.google.com/trends/  click on the address above and find the keyword to analyze trends and suggest related keywords.

Advantages: Free, fast

Cons: limited keyword relevance and lack of information.

16) Google Analytics tool

Principle: Discover every corner of your keywords in Google Analytic.

Usage: Go to the Google Analytics account and check Organic Search to find out which keyword is the most relevant query or page that has a keyword strategy.

Advantages: Free

Disadvantage: Take time to learn, analyze. Website must be active and searchable.

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17) Google Webmaster Tool

Principle: Examine the queries that users often search. All keywords are here.

Usage: Go to the Google Webmaster Tool account to check, immediately analyze the search will see.

Advantages: Free

Disadvantages: Website must have uptime and search volume.

18) Keyword research tool Moz.com

Visit the link: https://moz.com/tools/keyword-difficulty

19) Wordtracker tool

Visit the link: https://app.wordtracker.com

20) Serpwoo tool

Visit the link: https://www.serpwoo.com

21) Grepwords keyword research tool

Visit the link: http://grepwords.com

22) keyword research tool Keywordspy

Visit the link: http://www.keywordspy.com

23) Secockpit tool

Visit the link: https://secockpit.com

24) Submitexpress tool

Visit the link: http://www.submitexpress.com/

25) Linkdex Tools

Visit the link: https://www.linkdex.com

26) Keyword research tool Serps

Visit the link: https://serps.com/

27) Keyword research tool Serps

Visit the link: http://www.wordstream.com/

With  27  of these  top keyword research tools . AZASEO  hopes that the research and analysis of keywords will be easier and more effective for you.

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