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What is the standard SEO website?

Website plays a very important role for all agencies, companies, enterprises and especially for businesses operating in business and services. SEO companies, who make SEO also so that appear more and more. Where the website appears is where it immediately appears SEO website. So what is the standard SEO website?

1. What is a standard website SEO?

SEO is the term for website optimization to put those websites on top of google search. In simple terms, it means that when someone searches on google, if the website uses good SEO services will result in the search in the top. Search results will be displayed on the first page, where the searcher is easy to look at and select the most. Each keyword that a user searches for will yield hundreds of thousands of results related to that keyword. Therefore, to ensure the website is always displayed on the first page, the website must be a good enough website, meet all the aesthetic and content requirements. The website must be designed in a harmonious, scientific and convenient way for the user. In addition to the basic elements, a website SEO standards must meet all the rigorous requirements from the search engines like google, bing ... see the content of your website are talking about. What, for whom?

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2. Steps to build a standard SEO website

We can divide the work of building SEO standard website into 2 phases as SEO Onpage and Offpage SEO.

- Onpage SEO is the optimization of the components of a website such as keyword, title, description, menu, url, internal link, content content.

- Offpage SEO is the promotion of the website out by linking on other websites, forums, and increasing interaction on social networks to attract traffic to the site.

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3. What criteria does a SEO website need to meet?

A website is called an SEO standard website when it meets the following criteria:

- Website SEO must have consistent content, full and updated regularly.

- Designed according to 3WC standard, layout is streamlined, easy to exploit and search information.

- Title, description, head tags must be adequate to have a high ranking in the search results.

- Works smooth, fast access speed, secure with high security.

- Optimized and mobile-friendly.

To know how to check website SEO standards to see if your website is standard or not, you can use some tools such as SEO doctor, SEOquake, SEO moz toolbar or Web Developer.

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