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<<  AZASEO recruits SEO staff

Have you read through the AZASEO article sharing about how to  earn Traffic by Fanpage , how  to analyze the market and competitors in SEO 2017  right? These are the articles that I like because the knowledge is new and can help you solve the difficulties of doing SEO.

Today, AZASEO will continue to share with you another article, it will help you get some. The article titled  "HIGHLY LIKE 12 BIG COMPARISONS TO GROW YOUR WEBSITE ON GOOGLE 2017" . The Penguin 4.0 release has changed the way SEO works. SEO is not as easy as before and again in 2017 Google continues to update the knowledge SEO SEO market in Vietnam messed up, causing quite a lot of confusion for the brothers.

[New reminder]? In the years 2013-2014 doing SEO and it's easy. You will be surprised by just shot 100 Forum only words tag from Not In 100 fly into TOP 4 dizzy. At that time we thought "SEO will help you make money here". But it was only during that time because the current SEO is different, very different siblings.

That's enough! Go to the main section! Let's Go!


1. Website Visit

2. Time On Site

Pages Per Session

4. Bounce Rate

5. Referring Domains (The number of domain root points)

6. Content Length (The number of words in the article)

7. Website Security (https)

8. Keyword In Body (Keyword in content)

Keyword Density

10. Keyword In Title (Keyword in title)

11. Keyword In Meta (Keyword in Meta Tag)

12. Video On A Page (Video in 1 page)

12 factors that greatly impact on website rankings 2017

1. Website Visit

One of the basic factors that you do know SEO is the importance of it is the number of people visiting your website. It can be said that this is a vital determinant for a website if you want to TOP TOP and rank high.

One thing is extremely easy to understand. Google is one of the most widely used search engines, because of the intelligence and value that Google brings to users who are trusted by them. So Google has to find sites that offer valuable content to bring to the reader.

The number of visitors is extremely important

According to a recent report by SEMrush based on data analysis from 600,000 keywords worldwide. Researchers have applied algorithms to determine which factors affect the position of the site on Google's search results (SERP).

The research was based on four keyword search categories: low (1-100 searches), medium (101-1000), high (1001-1000), very high (10,000+) and close The research results of the above analysts conclude that, once again the user experience, the number of visitors to your website will be the key factor influencing the keyword rankings of your website on Google. .

<< The question is? "How to get access to my website when my website is less than 2 weeks old" . I know there are so many brothers and sisters I want to answer this question! If you want your website to have visitors, then you must have keywords TOP TOP Google. So when the website has only 2 weeks, how to do? I'll help you. Focus on keyword research, analyze keywords with moderate search volume, but your competitors will not do it or if there are few people do.

Do not go to Google Keyword Planner but research and analyze keywords again. If you go up then your opponent is doing that !!! And I do not have to say you know the results.

The number of visitors to the website

I read the article of a Master Online that I admire very much at the present time is Le Thanh Sang. You can read his article on how to analyze keywords !!!

That's it. I gave you the answer to the question!

2. Time On Site

Yes! No other than "Time On Site" the time that users stay on your site is the second factor that greatly affects the ranking of your website in the Google search toolbar.

Google defaults to one thing, if a page or site that customers visit and stay there for a long time Google will evaluate that site worth to customers and this is a reputable site.

Time to stay on site

Do not think, your website must have good internal strength indicators, the Time On Site will increase as the DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) must be high, the user will trust and stay in the web for a long time. than. In particular, this situation occurs with newcomers entering the SEO, you often divine the index of the website up and see it is extremely important. But you forget that, PA, DA based on where to have ??? Please answer that question ??? And I advise you not to depend on and appreciate any one factor, look at the TOTAL and TOTAL.

So the second question that I will have to answer for you are doing SEO is "How? How? To Time On My Longer? "

Personally, Huan, there are three criteria to do if you want to stay longer than the web user is the content value (remember the content value, not the quality), second is the structure Website structure and finally the ability of Internal Link Divinity.

  • Valuable Content: Provide the most valuable information to the user, scratch the site they are itching, write articles that capture their emotions. I often call their Insight. To correct their insight, you will have prestige in their eyes only. In the content of the article presentation is extremely high.
  • Web site structure is the second criterion to help users stay on your site longer. The simpler the website structure, the more likely they will be staying on your site.
  • And do not forget the Internal Link criteria, the good wheelink you will help users stay on your site longer than ever.

<< Take a look at the images below. Do not consider the quality of the article, please see the author's presentation offline! And do you encounter such posts as you easily get out? Or will you stop and read it?

Do you see how the presentation is so great?

Find out what the third factor is!

Pages Per Session

I do SEO services so when getting my SEO project I usually advise my clients to do SEO overall but do not SEO keywords because of? When you SEO the overall strength of the page will be greatly enhanced. The overall SEO force you to optimize the content of each page for good. You will not focus too much on one page and that is what Google is most interested in.

Page per session

The third factor, the number of pages per session visited, when a customer entered your website. For example, your site structure has three levels: Page A -> Page B -> Page C. When a customer goes to Page A then they continue to B and then forward to C then the page number on Each session of your visit will be high and as such it will be extremely good for your site, Google will appreciate it.

You keep thinking: Customers go to Page A-> Exit

Go to Page B-> Exit

Or go to Page C-> Exit

Then what prospects will happen, your site is too poor for content, for example, they are not sad to read and want to out out only.

Pages per session

Number of sessions

For a good Page Per Session index, it's imperative that your content be truly valuable not just on one page but also on your site. Make the Page Per Session index higher. You will be more popular Google and of course you will rank high on Google only!

<< Making SEO the most important that is the keyword research. It can be said that if you have a good keyword set, which has a high conversion rate, you will win. But you already know how many keyword research tools already. See the article  Top 27 most effective keyword research tools "  of AZASEO share to grab right now!

 4. Bounce Rate

Did you really understand the bounce rate to make your website better in the eyes of Google and its users?

I guess so many brothers not grasp this index where Google put out? Because I myself did not understand it before.

How does Google calculate the bounce rate? We have to rely on how Google counts to know how to make my website better.

Bounce rate

Please clarify this point with a simple example.

Your site has pages from A to C and has only one session per day, with the following page view order:

Second: Page A -> Page B -> C Page

Tuesday: Page B -> Page A -> Page C

Wednesday: Page A -> exit

Content reports for Page A will display 3 pageviews and a bounce rate of 50%. You may have surmised that the Exit Rate would be 33%, but pageviews on Tuesday for Page A were not taken into account when calculating the Exit Rate. Let's take a look at whether session exit is a one-time session from a user, and session analytics will answer a yes / no question: "Does this session contain multiple pageviews?" If the answer to that question is "no," then the page should be included in that exit. If the answer is "yes", just note that the first page in the session leads to other page views. Therefore, the bounce rate for that page only makes sense when this page initiates other sessions.

Now extend this example to explore the Bounce Rate for a series of days with a single page session on your site.

Monday: Page B> Page A> Page C> Exit

Third: Page B> Exit

Wednesday: Page A> Page C> Page B> Exit

Thursday: Page C> Exit

Friday: Page B> Page C> Page A> Exit

Results for% Bounce Rate and Bounce Rate are:

Bounce Rate:

Page A: 33% (3 sessions including Page A, 1 exit from page A)

Page B: 50% (4 sessions including Page B, 2 exit sessions from page B)

Page C: 50% (4 sessions including Page C, 2 exit sessions from page C)

There!!! This is how Google rates the bounce rate. Now you understand?

Bounce rate

To improve your bounce rate you must bring content to the user. When content value they will constantly move from page to page to read information or they will be pulled back in your website longer.

=> So the first four are four factors related to the user experience. From that you know that Google is paying special attention to websites with a good user experience that will be given to TOP by Google.

It is easy to understand that if Google does not put sites with good experiences on TOP then the user will exit immediately so Google will lose credibility and the market will not believe them anymore? Therefore! Remember! You can get rid of all the theories with the other gods and focus on the users. Once again. Make CONCENTRATION and CONCENTRATION to the user experience.

<< The question for you to do SEO is the SEO process or how to SEO a particular keyword like? If you are wondering that question then AZASEO thinks of the article 33 THE SECOND  STEP FOR SEO 1 THE TOP GOOGLE RAPID THAT WHAT THEY ARE ALONE WHO DOING "  will help you.

5. Referring Domains (Domain Pointer)

Seems like this element you are not interested right? Or if you are interested, you may misunderstand it.

SEO 2017 trends are relevant, relevant and relevant so if your site has many original domain referral with high relevancy then surely your keyword rankings will be significantly improved and faster than ever.

You do not understand. Domain name is pointing as many domains as possible for your website offline. If you think that you are killing yourself.

The root domain refers to the website

Consider the factors related to the industry, products, services of the domain pointing to your website is the priority, then consider other power factors such as DA, PA, DR, UR, TF, CF, Domain Age, ... .. It would be great if the domain root of your website has high site indexes that are relevant.

For example: AZASEO is an SEO company, specializing in seo services, we have to find domains related to SEO or broader SEM, is Marketing Online to pull azaseo.com. You can see if we get the link from vnseo.edu.vn, thegioiseo.com would be great if we get the link from seomxh.com or forum.idichvuseo.com.

6. Content Length (The number of words in the article)

SEO 2017 trends focus on the length of the article you publish on your website. Instead of the previous years you only need to write a 400-500 words long content can be TOP easily, today different long content is much more priority than short content.

The length of the article

Google simply understands that when it's a good article, you're an expert and a big man in that field, if you constantly publish long articles on your website, that's really a good news to you.

Content is long but must be easy to understand as well as attractive to users (content value is not mentioned).

The average length of the article

7. Website Security (https)

This year, the "https" website security element is more concerned with and more trusting of Google. And it is considered one of the many important factors in 2017.

Website Security

Please contact and immediately add https for your website. Please attach it when your new website is built. Never add a website security when your website has TOP and many old age because it is possible that your keyword will be relegated to Google.

The bad news is that AZASEO does not yet have "https".

8. Keyword In Body (Keyword in content)

A very familiar keyword element appears in the article content. Write a quality article and value for the user, but do not forget to plug in the keywords you target. Include keywords in your article wisely to make it easier for TOP to become something big.

Keyword in body

You should break the article structure into the following sections and that is how AZASEO is doing.

  • Article title
  • Describe the article
  • Index of articles
  • Section Title 1
  • Description of the paragraph 1
  • Content of paragraph 1
  • Image or video clip 1
  • Section Title 2
  • Description of paragraph 2
  • Content of paragraph 2
  • Picture or video clip 2
  • Section Title 3
  • Description of paragraph 3
  • Content of paragraph 3
  • Picture or video clip 3
  • Conclusion of the problem
  • CTA action
  • Source article

This is a structure that AZASEO likes and is always doing for its customers. Best, in the first 100 characters you should mention the keyword once. In the main content should appear 1-3 more, in the last paragraph again and diversify your keyword.

«You want to TOP 1 of Google read the article  SEO guide TOP KEY TOP 1 GOOGLE " . Hope the article gets you some help.

Keyword Density

Keyword density as is reasonable? Sure the SEOer brothers are interested a lot. The ideal keyword density of AZASEO is between 2-5%. So the question is is there a formula for calculating keyword density? Sure we have!

Keyword inserts with a 5% density are:

Keyword inserts = Total number of words for the article / [20 * Keywords of the keyword]

If the density is 2.5% then the formula will be:

Keyword Inserts = Total Keywords / [40 * Keywords]

Keyword density

For example: AZASEO wrote an article with 3000 words and the keyword is "seo services," the number of keyword insertions would be: 3000 / (40 * 5) = 15 times. So the keyword seo services will repeat 15 times. But if you just focus on anchort text is the service seo ho chi minh, the content you provide to the user feeling too tight and too hard so you have to diversify the keyword and not focus on keywords seo ho chi minh services not. And the ratio of key words and keywords to the ideal AZASEO has already been studied.

If it's 15 times the number of repetitions, the ideal ratio between the primary and the related keywords will be 5 and 10. Immediate 1/3: 2/3 and that's the usual AZASEO ratio.

10. Keyword In Title (Keyword in title)

Again a more traditional and essential element. Maybe I do not need to talk about this factor because you are the one who knows better than anyone else. In the title you have to mention keywords and you will get a point from Google.

Keyword in title

The title should be between 50 and 60 characters and the keyword should appear at the beginning of the title. It's a lot better if your title contains the keyword but the CTR is too great for the sun!

11. Keyword In Meta (Keyword in Meta Tag)

There are many who say meta tags are not important anymore but according to myself as well as research from SEMrush, Google still ranks the site with keywords in the meta tag, maybe Google points to not high but is have.

Meta description

Your meta tag should be limited to 150-160 characters. The first 100 characters please mention your keyword TOP. If your keyword has> 4 words, repeat the same keyword and one keyword once. If your keyword <= 4 words, repeat 2 times for the primary keyword and 1 time for the keyword.

<< AZASEO offers a total SEO solution for online businesses. If you want to dominate search results on Google, please do not hesitate to pick up and call immediately for   AZASEO seo service with Hotline 0981812124 we will help you now!

12. Video On A Page (Video in 1 page)

Video in the page will be the 12th criteria that Google evaluates and based on that to rank a website. When you have a video in each page, the longer the user stays, the better.

Video on a page

Publish quality videos and include them in every page of the article. You will get points from Google !!!

That's it! With these 12 elements, if done well it will help your website get high rankings on the Google search engine. Target Google's brain, think SEO, please do not be a ROBOT! The article is too long AZASEO will not list any more elements, although AZASEO knows a lot of other factors!

So, if you are passionate about SEO and want to learn about SEO and want to share AZASEO more please follow us at  http://azaseo.com/blog.html  .

The AZASEO article is dedicated to all SEO enthusiasts as well as SEO research. Hope the article is useful to you! Thank you for your reference!

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