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How important is it to SEO people?

1.What are keywords?

Keyword or keyword is considered the most important factor for SEO service as it acts as a connection between business and customers. Keywords are the shortcuts that lead people to the websites that contain the content they are looking for. On a website, the search engine determines the main content through the title of the article, the content of the link, the heading tags and the density of the keywords appearing on the website. The keyword for the website that the user is looking up. In short, keywords are an indispensable part of any SEO person.

2. What are some keyword types?

Keywords can be divided into two categories based on the number and nature of keywords.

Keyword allocation: Depending on the number of words, it is possible to divide the keyword into two types, including short-tail keyword and long-tail keyword. Short keywords are keywords that are between 1 and 3 characters long (for example, "SEO" or "SEO people" are called short keywords). Long keywords are keywords that are longer than 3 characters (for example "keyword SEO person", "find someone to do SEO" or "hire someone to do SEO" called long keyword).

Keyword split according to the nature of the word: Based on the nature of the keyword can be divided into main keyword and sub keyword. A primary keyword is usually a keyword that covers the entire content of an article and includes the content of the secondary keywords. The primary keyword will usually be shorter than the secondary keyword, but it will appear more often. In contrast, secondary keywords are additional comments for the main keyword, which is the extension of the main keyword.


3. How important are keywords SEO servies?

How important are keywords for SEO services?

Let search engines find your website easily as well as evaluate the content of that website more conveniently then forcing the professional SEO people to pay special attention to the keyword. Identifying and researching keywords accurately also help the writer more interested in the content of the article, avoid getting caught up in the thought of the topic. Today, though, the role of keywords is no longer as high as before due to the overuse of SEOs that causes google to change the algorithm. However, anyway, the keyword is always one of the most important and can not be lost.



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