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Today, AZASEO will continue to bring you an article answering questions for new siblings and do SEO analysis for older SEOer seniors more clearly with the article  YES OR NOT? HOW TO PUT ON GOOGLE PAGE 10 MINUTES "  otherwise why not? And yes, why not.

AZASEO will issue case by case and deal with each sibling one by one.

Let's go deeper into analyzing and dissecting this article!

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Actually the question "Is there a way to put keywords on page 1 Google in 10 minutes" is that there are two answers. Firstly, it is true that you do not need 10 minutes, just 60 seconds. (Just take the time to Submit and let Google index) that you were able to put your article on page 1 of Google already. There will also be cases of SEO brother but never and never have the opportunity to enjoy the joy of keywords not up.

So! How to put keywords on TOP 10 of Google in 10 minutes? What factors influence the keyword to get up so fast? Everything will be in this article.

1. Power Site (internal strength index of website)

Keyword Difficulty (Keyword Difficulty Elements)

3. Post Structure

4. Query Search Insight

Value Content

1. Power Site (internal strength index of website)

Power Site

Referring to Power Site, you will immediately refer to the index of a website. These indicators are inherent in your website. You may mention:

Indicators provided by Moz:

  • Domain (Domain Authority): This is an index set by the MOZ to measure the reputation and strength of a domain.
  • DA is calculated based on the combination of root domain metrics, the total number of links the domain has, MozRank, MozTrust, etc. Use the DA index to compare the strength of a page. web for a different site.
  • DA is a measure of the number from 0 to 100, to reach the threshold of 20 to 30, it will be very easy, but for higher indicators you will find it very difficult to step up in this scale.
  • PA (Page Authority): It is a measure of strength as well as trust of each individual Page. When you are on a page on the website you can through the tool of MOZ to see the PA index of that page is how much.
  • Spam Score: This is an index that Moz statistics to know the current status of your website is like? Are you having SPAM or not SPAM?
DA and PA

If the high DA, PA is an advantage for your website, prove your website prestige and value in the eyes of Google, the Spam Score is completely reverse, if the Spam Score as much as The high probability is that your website is heavily infected with SPAM error messages from Google and it will be very difficult for your keywords to go to TOP.

  • The Spam Score has the highest score of 17 points. And there are steps as follows:
  • Score Spam Score 0 - 4: Your site is very good, free from Google's SPAM bug.
  • Score Spam Score 5 - 7: This score reminds you to re-examine your post with multiple copies? There are link spam or keywords ... ..and many other errors. Google is already paying attention to your site.
  • Spam Score 8 - 17: Do not be surprised if your website is spawned by Google with the Spam Score. Moz has supported us, our task is to check this index for a timely manner.
Spam Score

Other Moz features include MozRank, MozTrust, MozRank Domain, MozTrust Domain, Link Metrics. But when push the keyword to TOP ,? Often just care about the other 3 indicators.

Moz Rank Trust Rank

=> To be able to contribute a part of the keyword to the TOP Google fastest, at least your DA, PA index must be relative, as well as your Spam Score is the lowest.

"How high is the number for me?" I will give the answer that is from 30 to 40 is so great brother and sister. This DA is quite ideal. In our market there are not too many high-DA sites right now.

"I need the exact number for PA." Only PA> 20 is feeling great.

"What about the Spam Score?" Yes! The lower the number, the better the range from 1 to 4 is okay.

"So does my website have such indexes then I will SEO 1 to TOP 1 Google?". Do not you. SEO needs an overview. We can not rely on one of the factors that we conclude.

Find out Ahrefs index only brother!

Indicators provided by Ahrefs:

  • UR (URL Rating): is an index that Ahrefs measures the strength of a URL.
  • DR (Domain Rating): Indicates the power of a website that is generalized by Ahrefs.
  • OK (Organic Keywords): This is an index that indicates the number of keywords in the TOP 100 series that are updated by Ahrefs and give it an Organic Keywords.
  • OT (Organic Traffic): How many Organic Keywords are there?

If the Moz index is only interested in DA, PA and Spam Score, then Ahrefs we only care about these four factors. The specific number of children is as follows:

UR> 20 is a great indicator.

DR ranges from 40 to 60, it will be extremely good for your website, as well as the value of the domain root.

OK and OT as large as possible. If the higher the index, the better your website is. Keywords are very TOP and the number of keywords brought back to traffic is great. And these two factors will be one of the criteria to help you push the keyword TOP 10 Google much easier.

Indicators of Ahrefs

Go to the Majectic tool

Indicators provided by Majestic:

  • TF (Trust Flow): This index is generalized by Majectic to describe the quality of a link (link).
  • CF (Citation Flow): Indicates the total number of links (links) to the website.
Majestic index

When doing SEO, I usually pay attention to these two indexes of Majestic, the TF> 10, and the CF less the TF than the better.

Indicators provided by SEOQuake:

  • For SEOQuake, we should be concerned about which indexes. It's Google Index and Domain Age.
  • If the number of Google Index URLs as much as possible, as well as Domain as long will be more prestigious in the eyes of Google.
  • In addition, we should also consider the Time Index. When a website has finished writing without posting that Google still indexes in 5-10 minutes, proves that the website is being highly evaluated by Google.
SEOQuake Tool

[In order to be able to put the keyword on TOP TOP in the best position, your website needs to meet those criteria. I would like to reiterate that in case your website is full of all the above parameters but the keyword is not TOP 10 then you should not be surprised because we need general problem.

  • 30 <DA <40
  • PA> 20
  • Spame Score fluctuates [1: 4]
  • 40 <DR <60.
  • UR> 20.
  • OK> Good.
  • OT> Good.
  • OK and OT Increase.
  • TF> 10.
  • CF <TF Good.
  • Google Index> Good.
  • Domain Age as long as possible.
  • Time Index as quickly as possible.

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Keyword Difficulty (Keyword Difficulty Elements)

We have analyzed the power site ideal to be able to put the keyword TOP 10 Google fastest. Continue to find out and dissect immediately the elements of the difficulty of your keywords.

Google Search results.

This is the first factor when analyzing keyword difficulty. When you go to Google.Com.Vn search for any query, you will see the number of results returned. Here I divided into 4 scales that are:

Google search results
  • <100.000 results => This keyword is easy, you should get it now.
  • 100,000 - 1,000,000 => Average keyword, not too difficult to do.
  • 1.000.000 - 10,000,000 => Competitive keywords, human resources and resources.
  • > 10.000.000 => Keyword is extremely difficult to make it difficult to push TOP 10 to Google right away. Needs tactics, analysis and new resources.

NOTE: But in some areas, some keywords may result in low but extremely competitive and difficult SEO. Can be proven in the field of seo services. In any case, you also need a MARKET SIGNIFICANT.

Search volume in a month.

Keywords that are hard to find are high in search (this is not always the case), but in the overview you can say so.

Search volume in a month

You enter Google Keyword Planner to see how much search volume for that keyword within a month. Look for high search keywords that are less competitive and less likely to be your sister.

Web sites with root domain

Google search for keywords you want to push it to TOP Google in 10 minutes and see from page 1 to page 2, how many websites up with the original domain (homepage). If the result is 50% or more then you should stop because that keyword will be extremely difficult for you.

Web with root domain

Touching on such keywords takes only your time without any benefit.

Results of Google AdW ads

The same is true of how Google ads on Google.Com.Vn query how many Google Adwords ads they see.

  • If page 1 and page 2 have Adw ads, that keyword looks HOT and many people do it.
  • See page 1: How many ads (at the bottom and at the top)
  • See page 2: How many ads (at the bottom and at the top)
  • If the result is> 4 ADW can field competitive.
  • If the result is 2 <ADW <4 competitive field average
  • If the result is ADW = 0 field less competition.

But there will also be some cases where there may not be many Google ads but the keywords are extremely, extremely competitive. You should have an overview and in SEO there is absolutely nothing nhé.

ADW ads

Results up with social networking forums

When you go to Google and query the keywords you do but you see the results returned are forums, classifieds or social sites that are not so sour and with that keyword you can SEO right now. TOP.

Google's algorithm

Use Google's algorithm. It will help you choose the most ideal keywords to push TOP in the shortest time. You can say that with this algorithm you will select the keywords that have the least number of people and have the best search volume.

Allintitle: Find all the titles that contain the keywords you are querying.

<100 results => You choose this keyword SEO.

100 - 1000 results => Keyword is not too difficult.

1,000 - 10,000 results => Keyword is also quite competitive.

> 10.000 results => This keyword is extremely competitive, you should type the keyword right away.

Similar to the Allinurl algorithm: Search all urls containing the keyword you are querying. If the result is the same as the Allintitle operator then the result is the same.

In short, the difficulty of a keyword should be based on an overview of each of these factors, rather than on a single element that is conclusive. So to choose keywords that can help you put up quickly in 10 minutes outside the Site index should pay attention to the difficulty of the keyword nhé. Then what indicators should be chosen.

Google Search results.

<100.000 results are selected.

Search volume in a month

Moderate search volume

Web sites with root domain

No or little website up with root domain

Results of Google AdW ads

No Google Adw results

Results up with social networking forum

Which keywords are up for social networking?

Google's algorithm

<100 results => select.

<< A good keyword and market analysis will help your chances of success be higher than ever. Did you learn about Huan's article for you? Take a look at the article  Market Analysis, Opponents and Strategies for SEO Resistance 2017 "  .

3. Post Structure

The structure of the article will also be one of the factors that affect the article you are going to Google right if the Power Site index and good keyword ideal.

Thread structure

So what structure would be the best! And this is the structure AZASEO always performs when implementing SEO projects for its clients. Assuming we have an article with 3 small sections, the AZASEO structure given will be:



Index of articles

Section Title 1

Description of the paragraph 1

Content of paragraph 1

Image 1 + Video 1 (if applicable)

Link (if any)

Section Title 2

Description of paragraph 2

Content of paragraph 2

Image 2 + Video 2 (if applicable)

Link (if any)

Section Title 2

Description of paragraph 2

Content of paragraph 2

Image 2 + Video 2 (if applicable)

Link (if any)

Section Title 3

Description of paragraph 3

Content of paragraph 3

Image 3 + Video 3 (if applicable)

Link (if any)




The optimum elements probably AZASEO will not need to mention to you anymore. The structure of the article can help the user to do better and thus make the Google BOT appreciate your site.

<< Keyword analysis tools have all the benefits of it. If you know how to coordinate the keyword analysis tools, you will have the most popular keywords. See the article that AZASEO wrote for you  Google's Guide to Using Google Keyword Planner in conjunction with Google Keyword IO ".

4. Query Search Insight

The fourth factor that affects putting a keyword on page 1 of Google in 10 minutes is the user query analysis.

A few days ago there was a little boy in Hanoi thanks I shared his keyword help with him because his keyword was slipped. When researching your posts and keywords I just found it has not hit the right Insight of the user.

Example: I query Google with the keyword "Rubber Conveyor", the results returned a lot. But you need to look at it as a related result in the bottom left of Google's footer. The result is:

Query user

Rubber conveyor specifications

rubber conveyor price list

Sell ​​old rubber conveyor

rubber conveyor belt tphcm

Rubber conveyor belts

Industrial conveyor belt

rubber conveyor ribbed v

pvc conveyor

At this result. You see when users query from the rubber conveyor they are concerned about something much. Is it about price and specifications? Precisely they are concerned about the price already. So in the article you should share it is clear and thorough about the price. So you will solve the problem immediately, do not be surprised if the analysis of the index is ideal and good analysis of the insight of the query, the keyword of the siblings TOP . For her it is not surprising.

<< How many effective keyword analysis tools? How many of them have you used? This article will answer the question of having  27 most effective keyword research tools "  .

Value Content

Yes! When you have analyzed the insight of the other, you write a really valuable article. And now your task is to see where your keywords are located.

Value content

If the remaining elements are satisfied. Mean:

  • Indicates the ideal Power Site.
  • Keyword Difficulty great
  • Text structure is easy for users
  • Insight of the user good analysis

Then another valuable article will be your keyword will fall into the TOP 10 of Google. Possible position is 1 is 2 or 10.

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CONCLUSION: So with these 5 factors, AZASEO has clearly and reliably explained to you the question. How to put keywords on page 1 Google in 10 minutes is like? As well as the factors that affect the keyword can go up so fast. Hope, the article brings value to you!

* This article AZASEO dedicated to SEO Vietnam community. Siblings are studying, working and researching on SEO.

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