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[DO NOT KNOW] 5 great ways to optimize web UX to boost rankings on SE


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In any industry, the website is also an essential tool for a company to provide products and services to its customers. This helps businesses build trust, relationships with customers and partners.

As you know, a  proper SEO strategy  will help to improve search engine rankings on the search engines; Attract more visitors to the website. If the website is well designed, optimized user experience (UX - User Experience), visitors will easily find the information you need; easily interact and more opportunities they become your customers.

Simply when a person goes to Google to find the answer they seek. Once they find the right site, they will want to see the answer as quickly as possible.

This is why SEO and UX complement each other to create the best effect.

There is a simple formula you need to remember as follows:  SEO + UX = $$

It will be useless when you try to increase traffic to the site a lot but poor quality. Similarly, designing a beautiful website that nobody visits is also wasting time.

The focus of SEO and UX is to deliver the best user experience, to best monetize your visitors.

Here is my share of the five best UX optimization methods for the latest website in 2017 can help increase your website rankings on the search engines. Please follow me.

Table of Contents

1. Optimized display on phone

2. Optimize website loading speed

3. Use the rich snippets

4. Navigation in the website

5. Beautiful image design showing the content

6. The ending

1. Optimized display on the phone

If you look around a little, in any public place, you will find most people are glued to the smart phone on hand. According to statistics on behavior of using mobile phones made by Smart Insights shows that the time spent on mobile devices has skyrocketed compared to 42% to 51% of computer usage.

Of those, 96% of smart phone users visit non-optimized mobile web pages.

Optimal on mobile

If smart phone users visit your site and your site is not optimized, then they leave your site 5 times better than other optimized sites.

It can be said that optimizing a website on the phone is very important because Google has changed the algorithms to evaluate the compatibility of the website on different devices. That will rank your site on search results. If your website is not optimized then it will certainly be difficult to compete with the opponent.

With the increasing use of mobile phones, it is essential to invest in a good mobile-friendly website.

2. Optimize website loading speed

Google announced that site load speed is a factor in the site ranking scale. In some cases, the signal from the website loading speed will be sent to the ranking algorithm. This shows that improving the speed of your website will bring in more revenue, increasing your website rankings right away.

Web pages with slow loading speeds affect the user experience; Because up to 50% of Internet users expect page loading speed in 2 seconds or less.

To find out what your current website's loading speed is, use tools such as Google Analytics, Page Speed, YSlow, Web Paget, or Page Speed ​​Insights.

Website optimization

Web sites that run slow will affect the effectiveness of UX and SEO, as Matt Cutts has proven:

"Speeding up your website is important - not just for webmasters but for all Internet users as well. Visitors spend less time and are less likely to leave. Fast-loading sites not only improve the user experience, but also reduce the company's operating costs. "

3. Use the rich snippets

Rich Snippets is a snippet of text, images, videos, or events that is inserted into the website and displayed on the search results.

Using Rich Snippet will enrich the user experience and provide more information about your website right in the search results page. Engage the user to click on your site for more information.

Web masters or marketing managers will want to take advantage of any opportunity to attract Internet searchers to click on their site rather than their competitors.

 Use the rich snippets

Just by inserting a code snippet into your website, you can enhance your search results with rich, eye-catching search results as well as provide more useful information.

To deploy Rich Snippet, you can be done in two ways:

  • Add microdata to your website's HTML
  • Use the Structured Data Markup Tool in the Web Master Tool. These are suitable when you do not want to modify the HTML.

Currently, very few websites use Rich Snipper. So if you have Rich Snippet, you will have many competitive advantages, appear prominently in the SERPs, optimize the UX and increase the CTR (Click through rate)

4. Navigation in the website

"Navigating a site is important in helping visitors quickly find what they want," says Google. "It can also help search engines understand the content that webmasters emphasize."

Website navigation

When creating a new website or redesigning an existing website, you should consider your navigation process.

Good website navigation not only supports UX, but also increases the conversion rate of your website if applied properly.           

Example: The bounce rate on Time.com dropped by 15% after improving the Menu in the direction of sliding down (Scrolling).

If you design call to action (Call ToAction) buttons combined with reasonable navigation, it will help you direct your customers the way you want and easier to reduce the rate of leaving the website before. Purchase.

Refer to the article " What is an internal link? 3 Strategies for SEO Optimization & Conversion ". For an overview and details, use the internal link in the website.

5. Beautiful image design showing the content

Investing in beautiful images on the site not only makes the content more attractive and informative, but also provides a better UX experience.

Images can convey better ideas to the user; Engaging the user on the content. In addition, it helps a lot in optimizing images when searching on Google.

When your images and titles are properly formatted with related keywords, they are more likely to appear on search results when we type them on Google.

Beautiful visual design

6. The ending

It is important to realize that: The combination and complement each other keep SEO and UX is inseparable when you want to get the best results from your website.

SEO helps to increase traffic to the website and help the website reach a higher position on the SERPs. Meanwhile, UX will help keep this traffic and convert it into your customers.

Therefore, every website should try to improve UX and SEO with the following basic things:

  • Website needs eye-catching design and easy to use
  • Invest in quality content, useful and relevant to the topic of the website
  • Optimize the content / image postings for user experience and search engine friendliness
  • Simple, effective navigation with easy-to-use website structure
  • There are prominent call-to-action buttons that clearly point the user toward the final destination (purchase, subscription ...).
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